Welcome to the Allied Shinobi Forces! Welcome to the Allied Shinobi Forces! We are a role-playing wiki for Naruto fans! If you’re new we recommend you read our guide on Getting Started.

Who are we? Ninjas of course!Edit

The Allied Shinobi Forces is a role-playing wiki that any fan of naruto can join. The wiki consists of pages detailing characters, clans, villages, squads and other information such as misssions and event pages taht are usually taken down after completion (unless added to the Ninja History Archeive Project if they are considered important). Role-playing takes place on the talk of ceratin pages and on forums connected to mission pages and events. Our Wiki is set with a certain story (see The Future of our villlages) and you are free to disscuss new plot elements and add to the story (only with admin approval after being stated on the talk page).

News From Kage SummitEdit

  • The Villlages are currently without kage, feel free to add your Character as the first kage of a village, but be warned, you must activly participate in your village and add new missions as well as assign squads, or you will be kicked by an admin (and you won't go on record) The current Kage left are: Hokage, Raikage, Kazugage, Tsuchikage and leaders of other minor Villages.

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